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Dr. Gloor and his entire staff are the best! With his vast knowledge of Lyme and the coinfections, my quality of life has dramatically improved. My health took a sudden and frightening plunge back in August of 2001. I spent the next eight years being shipped from specialist to specialist for symptoms ranging from terrible joint pain, to rushing to the ER when I couldn't speak clearly, the right side of my face went numb as did my right arm. The ER diagnosis was "classic TIA", but when I followed up with a neurologist and had two different brain MRI's, they found nothing wrong.

By the way, Yes, I had the "Lyme test" and it came back negative so naturally, to mainstream doctors, I didn't have it. I continued to deteriorate.

I went from being a healthy bright corporate trainer for a large national bank, traveled from Maine to Washington State for someone who could barely walk, couldn't read a book without having to re read paragraphs over and over, short term memory was non-existent. I wouldn't recall a conversation a minute after the conversation. I slept for 20 plus hours a day. Asking me to do any task was like asking me to climb Mount Everest.

Then in 2009 an astute physical therapist suggested I see Dr. Gloor. I truly believe he gave me back my life. I have experienced major improvement over these past six years.

These other doctors should be ashamed for trying to discredit him for his knowledge and willingness to HELP his patients. They should be begging him to help them better understand this terrible epidemic instead of continuing to bury their heads in the sand..... because the reality is this disease isn't going away. It's getting worse each year. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Gloor and his staff. -Deb Fezzuoglio

Dr. Gloor is a doctor's doctor. Grateful to have him in our area. He and his staff are top notch and helped me when I most needed it. - Dr. Jay Korsen